The NugenGlo Acne kit is awesome. The acne cream has worked really well for me. My dark spots are gone and I'm finding less and less pimples on my face. It has changed my facial appearance so much that I really feel more confident and happier with my look. I recommend NugenGlo products for anyone who has problem with acne and dark spots.

~ RB, Georgia, USA

I used to have acne all over my back and chest area. I had visited dermatologists and used many products for 4-5 years and nothing had worked. After I started using the NugenGlo cleanser and acne cream, I do not have any acne on my body. It completely cleared everything and now I use it regularly.

~ AS, Washington D.C., USA

For past many months I was suffering from adult acne problem. I used several popular products for acne treatment available in market but none of them was effective enough to get rid of my acne. Some of them caused excessive dryness and stripped away skin's natural moisture making my face look dull and unattractive. Then I tried NugenGlo acne kit and with in a short time, about 1 week or so, I started seeing the results. My acne were cleared and even the acne marks and dark spots had faded. Healthy glow on my face returned which was missing for so many years. I highly recommend NugenGlo to any one facing adult acne problems as well as to remove acne spots and dark spots.

~ SJ, Alabama, USA

I've struggled with oily skin all of my life, this is the first product that ever leaves my face feeling clean, very very clean! The skin brightening cream also works wonderfully on dark spots.

~ SC, Florida, USA

I used the NugenGlo kit for about 3 weeks. Within the first week of usage, I noticed the acne on my face started to clear and my face began to glow after using the brightening cream. The kit is pretty easy to use and the results are more than expected. I have spent $$$ to rid my face of my acne but none has worked this fast and well. It completely cleared my acne and now I use it daily to maintain my clear and glowing skin. If you are suffering from severe acne, I recommend this kit.

~ ED, California, USA

After trying seemingly every acne treatment ranging from at-home remedies to prescriptions, I've finally found a product that works. NugenGlo made a difference starting with the first use. My skin is smoother, and the tone is more even. Pore size is diminished, and blackheads are GONE! Finally, an acne treatment that makes my skin look AND feel great.

~ DC, Florida, USA